Epoxy & Polyurea

When seamless and non porous non slip floors are of upmost importance, epoxy and polyurea coatings are outstanding options for concrete flooring. These technologically advanced concrete systems fuse into the cement creating a dense bond.

Installation Process

First the concrete surface is repaired or made even with self-leveling concrete. If the existing cement floor is in good condition, the top surface is ground to open pores. Epoxy or Polyurea floor coatings are applied in two – three layers. After the first coat is down, our Madstone professionals wear spiked shoes to avoid adhering to the floor while sprinkling decorative quartz or vinyl color chips to the wet surface. After this layer is dry a top, high build coat is added. This top coat is smooth and can obtain a high gloss finish with a non-slip surface.

There are hundreds of color and design combinations. You can choose plain white or gray, or a textured or colored one. You can also have customized graphics embedded between layers.

Benefits of Polyurea and Epoxy Floor Paint

This category of floor systems offers many advantages over other floor types. We will help you choose the specific epoxy or polyurea option that works best for your project.

  • Ultra Durable – The polyurea and epoxy floor coating seep into the cement pores and create a strong bond. The coatings are also extremely dense and resist nicks and scratches. This results in a long lasting floor surface which does not yellow because it’s resistant to UV rays.
  • Tight Linking Chemical Structure – The dense structure of these floor coatings minimize bacterial growth. They are excellent choices for hospitals, commercial kitchens, and kennels.
  • Waterproof Surface – There’s no place for moisture to collect since there are no nicks and very few micro scratches on the surface. This keeps the air dry and protects tools and metal surfaces. Polyurea coatings are popular for garage floors.
  • Improves Air Quality – The hard floor reduces random emissions and has no VOC. Polyurea coatings are anti-bacterial.
  • Safe Work Environment – Epoxy coatings meet or exceed OSHA guidelines for non-slip floors.
  • Quick Curing Time – Epoxy floor paint has a very fast curing time so you can minimize your down time.

Contact Us to Learn More

Installing Epoxy and Polyurea floor paint can be tricky with numerous quality and pricing options. We serve the Boston, MA, Providence, RI, Cape Cod and New England areas. We’ll be happy to help you choose the best epoxy or polyurea system for your project.

  • Aesthetic Concrete Benefits

    • Non Slip – Exceeds OSHA Guidelines
    • Design – Custom Concrete Flooring
    • Low Maintenance – Reduce Labor and Materials
    • Durable – Systems For Every Use
    • LEED Compliant – Environmentally Friendly Systems
    • Polished Concrete – For All Flooring Types
    • Overlays – Self Leveling, Microtoppings, Epoxy
    • Stamped Concrete – New or Resurface Existing
  • Areas Served

    New England, Boston MA, Providence RI, Newport, Nantucket, Marthas Vineyard, Cape Cod, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut.
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