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Decorative concrete floor systems are popular with many home owners for a variety of reasons. There are many colors, styles, and designs available. They are used in the garage, bathrooms, and basement floors as well as kitchens, dens, and living rooms.

Concrete floors have great versatility of design, durability and low maintenance. This is especially true if the property is near a waterfront or part of a resort because these surfaces are mold and mildew resistant.

Stamped concrete or stampable overlays are used extensively on pool decks, patios, walkways and stairs. The color options and textures can be adapted with an antique appearance or ultra modern.

Concrete Flooring Options

  • Polished Concrete – easy to clean. Unlike carpets, hard wood, and tiles, concrete floors don’t trap dust, molds or mildew.
  • Concrete Overlays – a very thin layer of concrete that can refurbish damaged floors and expand your color and decorating choices.
  • Self-Leveling Concrete – an affordable solution for uneven floors and surfaces with drains, fixtures and other raised features. A good choice for many garages and basements.
  • Stamped Concrete – designs with multiple colors and shapes can be created for less than the cost of patio stones and tiles.
  • Stained Concrete –modern concrete stains can make cement surfaces look like marble, granite or natural stone.
  • Epoxy and Polyurea Coatings –high tech, advanced floor systems create ultra-durable surfaces and resist micro scratches so they can be quickly cleaned with just soap and water.

Residential Uses for Concrete Floors

Kitchens – Polished concrete and concrete overlays look and perform. Kitchens floors are often the hardest worked floors. Resorts and apartments kitchens often receive the roughest treatment. These floor systems are easy to clean and keep sanitary. Since there are no cracks or rough surfaces they can be cleaned with just soap and water.

Baths – Mosaic and tile floors can get costly. Polished and Stamped Concrete can be matched to your wall tiles so you can achieve beautiful results at an affordable price. Finished concrete is also mold and mildew resistant.

Living Rooms – Stained Concrete and Concrete Overlays create classic floors that work with modern and contemporary interiors. Resort and condo community areas can be made comfortable with a couple of area rugs. These floors are especially smart for family rooms, studies, and living rooms near beaches or swimming areas.

Garages – Unfinished concrete floors are almost impossible to maintain in a garage. A polished or epoxy floor can be mopped in a matter of minutes. These surfaces don’t crack and trap moisture, so the garage interior will stay drier which prevents rust on tools and equipment.

Basements – Basement floors are often uneven and may occasionally flood from washing machines, pipes or rain. Self-leveling concrete can even out the floor. Polished, stamped, or stained concrete offer dozens of design options that will make your basement into a viable living space.

Pool Decks, Patios – Outdoor areas can be transformed into fashionable places for less than the cost of patio stones or outdoor tiles. You can achieve almost any popular exterior floor design from stamped and stained concrete.

Regions We Serve

We apply interior and exterior concrete systems at condos, resorts, apartments, and homes in the Boston, MA and Providence, Newport, RI areas. We also serve the Cape and Islands as well as areas throughout New England.

  • Aesthetic Concrete Benefits

    • Non Slip – Exceeds OSHA Guidelines
    • Design – Custom Concrete Flooring
    • Low Maintenance – Reduce Labor and Materials
    • Durable – Systems For Every Use
    • LEED Compliant – Environmentally Friendly Systems
    • Polished Concrete – For All Flooring Types
    • Overlays – Self Leveling, Microtoppings, Epoxy
    • Stamped Concrete – New or Resurface Existing
  • Areas Served

    New England, Boston MA, Providence RI, Newport, Nantucket, Marthas Vineyard, Cape Cod, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut.
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