Garage Floor

Polyurea & Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Polyurea enhanced with Polyaspartics and new breed epoxy coatings are technologically advanced flooring ideal for residential and industrial concrete floors. Their rapid cure time enable garage floors and smaller industrial areas to be completed in two days.

Larger floors can be completed in phases reducing down time and loss of service. Additional features and benefits have made them popular for many applications.

Garage Floor Polyurea and Epoxy Coatings – Features and Benefits

  1. Scratch Resistant – The chemical cross linking of polyureas and epoxies increase the elongation of the coating, reducing floor scratches. Minimal scratching results in a cleaner floor with nowhere for dirt to hide. With simple cleaning using squeegee floors look excellent for years
  2. Flat and Smooth Surface – The process starts by grinding the concrete to a smooth flat surface. Coatings are applied at a consistent thickness throughout the floor. This avoids uneven wear and looks professional.
  3. Moisture Resistant – Grinding the floor opens pores allowing coating to soak into surface rather than just sticking to surface. Coatings become part of the floor and resist delamination due to moisture pressure.
  4. Cove Moldings – Along edges of interior walls, cove molding can be installed and coated creating a seamless surface while protecting your walls. Also makes floors easy to clean preventing dirt and moisture buildup where walls meet floors.
  5. Non Slip – Consistent thickness of coating allows for slip resistence to perform over the long term. Our non slip particles do not sink to the bottom or protrude through the coating where they can dislodge. They are imbedded into the coating for the life of the floor.
  6. Custom Colors – Popular colors are tan or gray with vinyl chips in various sizes and colors. We do have numerous base colors to match your interior décor.
  7. Pricing – Pricing is comparable to other high performance coatings.

Installation Time

Small floors can be completed in two days. Occasionally we can complete a floor in 1 day but we typically allow for two if under 1,000 square feet. After inspection of your concrete we can provide you with an accurate assessment of time for completion.

Floor Maintenance

Cleaning your floor is very simple with water and small amount of mild soap. We recommend a neoprene squeegee available at most home improvement stores for under $25.00. The process is fast and easy. Because floor is flat and scratch resistant, dirt is very easy to clean and restores to original condition. Squeegee also removes moisture from surface almost immediately.

Areas We Serve – Boston MA, Providence RI, Newport, Cape Cod, CT, New England

  • Aesthetic Concrete Benefits

    • Non Slip – Exceeds OSHA Guidelines
    • Design – Custom Concrete Flooring
    • Low Maintenance – Reduce Labor and Materials
    • Durable – Systems For Every Use
    • LEED Compliant – Environmentally Friendly Systems
    • Polished Concrete – For All Flooring Types
    • Overlays – Self Leveling, Microtoppings, Epoxy
    • Stamped Concrete – New or Resurface Existing
  • Areas Served

    New England, Boston MA, Providence RI, Newport, Nantucket, Marthas Vineyard, Cape Cod, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut.
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